Install, create a project, write test and run it.


CAT is a powerful tool that helps you to test your data. It’s super easy to set up and use.

why cat

Save Time, Test Smartly: Dive into CAT's low-code Automation

Simplest data testing tool on the market

It just can’t be simpler. One step to install, one step to create project, paste your queries and you are ready to go!

No learning curve, start testing with ease

To rock with CAT you don’t need any special skill. From junior to senior, the learning curve is always few minutes.

Every data storage supported

There’s no limit to what data storage you use. Once you are able to connect, CAT is able as well. And there’s even more!

Play for free with no hidden costs

You only pay for autonomous test runs, while interactive testing is free of charge.


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how it works

Start testing in 4 simple steps

Install CAT

Only one command to download and install CAT

Create a project

One more command to create a template project.

Write your first tests

Then define the data source, enter first test query and you are ready to go.

Run the tests

Finally run the test project and check the results.

Effortless Low-Code Data Testing

Data can be tested easily! Let’s become data testing/automation engineer in real 20 minutes! We’ll show you how you and your team can benefit from unseen efficiency of low-code data testing. If we don’t succeed in reaching that goal we would eat a mice (or a bug).
Don’t come late!

use cases

Only trustworthy data matters

Always know how your data is doing

Use CAT to easily author tests. Connect to any major data storage engine available on the market. Combine various test cases in endless range of data testing scenarios. Report on data quality to your team. Experience fearless production releases.

Push your team to give you feedback

Have your team persistently approach data quality and architecture compliance checks. Include everything into your automated data deployment pipelines. Enjoy continuous feedback from your regression tests suite.

Data quality matters

Have your data-driven decisions based on correct, valid and trustworthy information. Give your business a chance not to waste its potential.


Accelerate your data testing


Easy to try, easy to begin. Enter the data testing world with ease.
What's included
All CAT features
Free for interactive runs


Join us, the data testing community and boost your data testing powers.
What's included
All CAT features
Free for interactive runs


Let your team utilize full potential of CAT integration into your CI/CD framework.
Learn more
What's included
All CAT features
Autonomous mode

Means you can trigger the test suite(s)
execution from any scheduling or automation

Help & FAQ

Provide a simple SQL query (or DAX query if you test Power BI). Set expectation, like “set is empty”, “set is not empty”, “sets match” (compare with other query). Give the test a name.
And you are done, your test is automated and you can repeat it anytime with no effort. The configuration format for tests is designed to be user friendly. And in case you don’t like it, feel free to load tests from MS Excel or a database.
To be aware if anything goes wrong. Unless you fully automate tests for your data, you only EXPECT they are in a good shape. With tests, you KNOW they are. Any rules you have for your data can be enforced using CAT with minimum effort.
Yes. CAT compares large datasets efficiently. When comparing two sets, it expects sorted inputs (the databases are best at that!). Therefore, it has  at maximum only a few rows at a time in RAM. No pressure to RAM, no pressure to CPU.
By default CAT outputs results to console. You can define what other outputs you need with one or a few lines of configuration. Get results of your tests in MS Excel, JSON, YAML, JUnit, MS SQL Server table, ORACLE table to name a few. You can define more outputs to be created, e.g. both MS Excel file and rows in a SQL server table.
Yes, in Azure DevOps, GitHub actions, GitLab, Jenkins, just in any platform. If you don’t use any of the mentioned platforms, there is no problem. You can still use all the bells and whistles CAT offers – run all your tests with a single command and see what’s wrong with your data.
CAT can be used by developers and testers for free, even in corporates. You only need a license once you run the tests in “autonomous mode”, such as in automated pipelines, CI/CD, in a scheduler etc.
If it is **you** who invokes the tests, feel free to use CAT at no cost. There are some limitations, see our documentation (

Try testing with CAT today

It just can’t be simpler. One step to install, one step to create project, paste your queries and you are ready to go!
👉 Free to use for interactive runs (even for enterprises)

Installing CAT

Install CAT

Click to copy the command and paste it into your PowerShell 7 terminal!

Direct Download

Download CAT directly from PowerShell Gallery and give it a try!