Your very first Power BI test

Do you know you can automate tests of your data in Power BI semantic models (formerly called datasets)? Let’s do it, now!

How to test with CAT in Azure DevOps pipelines

CAT loves Azure DevOps Once you have tested your data with CAT locally, means once having beautiful test sets/project ready, you might wonder how to run it automatically (so also others could see the testing results).If you are using Azure DevOps as your orchestration tool, you can easily integrate CAT into its pipelines. With such […]

Get ready for data testing in Power BI workspace

Use CAT to test Power BI data When you are using CAT for testing your Power BI models, you are usually in need to connect and test the data also in production – means data hosted in Power BI workspace. When using Power BI Premium license, you are actually capable to connect to the data itself, thus you […]

“My data is correct! Isn’t it?”

Works for me How often happened to you, to a data engineer or data tester, that you just simply couldn’t find the root cause of a data issue? Everything look alright, but whatever testing tool you use, simply shows there’s an error. And suddenly, few hours later, voila here it is! What a relief then. Let […]

Installing CAT

Install CAT

Click to copy the command and paste it into your PowerShell 7 terminal!

Direct Download

Download CAT directly from PowerShell Gallery and give it a try!